Alessandra Orofino

Co-founder and General Manager

Purpose Brazil

Alessandra Orofino’s mission is to make cities more inclusive, participatory, and innovative. She has been pursuing this goal in many different ways. As a Co-founder and General Manager of Purpose Brasil, she is contributing to the development of tools for civic engagement and participation in Rio de Janeiro. As a strategist at Purpose, she is actively expanding the company's international reach and ability to catalyze social movements by seeding Purpose’s first overseas office.


Rio de Janeiro is currently the biggest investment hub in the world; in the last two years, $2 billion in public and private investments have flowed into the city. In 2012, Purpose incubated and launched Meu Rio, a locally-focused movement created to ensure that all of Rio’s citizens would benefit from and participate in the decision-making processes that are changing the city. The organization pools citizens’ ideas and resources to help improve and simplify city life and make the city’s institutions more responsive and accountable. Meu Rio is showing that citizens have the power to change their cities. Now, what's next?

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