David Stevens

Senior Program Adviser


David Stevens was born in Brazil where he graduated first in Civil Engineering (BSc) and
then Environmental Planning (MSc), both at the University of São Paulo. He has worked
internationally for over twenty years, including for the World Bank and the Inter-American
Development Bank, before joining the United Nations in 1999. He has supported land use
monitoring and alternative development projects in opium poppy and coca producing
countries, implemented and managed a global programme (UN-SPIDER) that supports
countries to access and use space-based information for disaster management (having been
directly involved in most major disaster events of the last 10 years), and currently he is
responsible for the implementation of the Centre of Excellence for Disaster Risk Reduction in
the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His professional interests include sustainable development,
disaster risk reduction, emergency and humanitarian response, adaptation to climate change
and local, regional and national development programmes. This includes also leveraging on
cutting edge technologies and the potential of virtual and technical communities (V&TCs),
geographic information technologies and space-based information. E-mail: dstevens@unisdr-