Eric Van Den Broek



In 2010, with his two brothers and their childhood friend, Eric van den Broek co-founded the Mutinerie in Paris, one of the most influential co-working spaces in Europe. The Mutinerie has received particular attention for its publications that offer a deep analysis on the evolution of work and the role of new workspaces. Eric also co-founded CoPass, the first global network of independent co-working spaces. He has spoken at various events such as TEDx Paris Université, the Coworking European Conferences in 2011 and 2012, and the Creativity Meeting Point in Bilbao.


Designing a coworking space may sound very different from designing a city. Still, valuable lessons can be learned. How do you design a place around human beings? How did we achieve this in our Parisian co-working space and how the same approach can be used to shape human cities? The Mutinerie is a thriving ecosystem of co-working. Through collaboration and creativity, it is boosting innovation.

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