Hans Dohmann

Municipal Secretary of Health

Rio de Janeiro

Hans Fernando Rocha Dohmann has served as the Municipal Secretary of Health for Rio de Janeiro since January 2009. Through promoting the restructuring of the health sector Hans is responsible for an increase in family health coverage from 3.5% to 33.5% over the past three years. From June 2007 to December 2008, Hans served as director of the National Heart Institute (INC) in Orange County. A graduate of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Hans is a Doctor of Medicine with a specialization in Morphological Sciences. Prior to his MD, he completed an MBA from Coppead IBMEC and undertook a course in health management at Johns Hopkins University.


In 2012, the City of Rio de Janeiro partnered with the New Cities Foundation and its member organizations to launch an innovative Task Force on E-health in the community of Santa Marta in Rio. The Task Force provided the community's local clinic with an e-health backpack containing equipment able to collect patient health data. The clinic's health workers were able to use the backpack to travel through the neighborhood to reach elderly patients and those who have difficulty accessing the family clinic due to mobility issues. The project's recent findings demonstrate the potential of e-health to provide greater access to healthcare in a previously underserved community, increasing quality of health services and lowering overall healthcare costs through increased efficiencies.

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