Hazem Galal

Partner, Leader for PwC's Global Cities and Local Government Network


Hazem is a partner and the Global Leader for PwC´s State and Local Government Sector. He
has expertise in cities strategy formulation, sustainable development and public sector reform.
Since 2007, Hazem has been leading and contributing to PwC’s Thought Leadership around
the world for cities and local governments in publications such as “Cities of Opportunity”
benchmarking and analyzing major world cities and urban centers, “Making it Happen”
defining the success factors for local government strategy implementation and “Game On” on
the hosting and the impact of mega events.

He has worked on several projects in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, North America and
Europe, which gives him an edge of expertise with the Public Sector in both developed and
developing markets conditions. Hazem is currently engaged with several cities around the
world preparing for mega events. He has an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.
Hazem speaks fluent English, Arabic and Portuguese.