Li Hu

Founding Principal

OPEN Architecture

李虎,OPEN建筑事务所创始合伙人,美国哥伦比亚大学北京建筑中心/Studio-X 负责人,曾任美国斯蒂文·霍尔建筑事务所(Steven Holl Architects)合伙人。1996年取得清华大学建筑学学士,1998年取得美国莱斯大学建筑学硕士。

2000-2010年李虎任职于美国斯蒂文·霍尔建筑事务所,从2005年起成为其事务所合伙人,创建并负责其北京工作室,期间负责设计了一系列都市建筑作品,以其在绿色可持续建筑实践和城市公共空间营造的成功而产生重要影响力,包括北京当代MOMA、深圳万科中心、成都来福士广场和南京四方美术馆等。其中,当代MOMA荣获2009年世界高层建筑协会最佳高层建筑奖;深圳万科中心是中国第一个LEED白金认证的绿色建筑,2011年获得美国建筑师协会年度建筑荣誉奖。李虎2010年底正式退出斯蒂文·霍尔建筑事务所合伙人职位,与黄文菁一起专注于OPEN建筑事务所的实践。OPEN目前已经落成和正在设计实施的项目包括:哥伦比亚大学北京建筑中心、北京四中房山校区、秦皇岛·歌华营地体验中心、清华大学深海研究中心、福州网龙公司员工生活区等。其中,秦皇岛·歌华营地体验中心获得2012 WA中国建筑奖以及第三届中国建筑传媒奖最佳建筑奖。



Li Hu, founding principal of OPEN Architecture, director of Columbia University GSAPP’s Studio-X Beijing, and former partner of Steven Holl Architects.

Li Hu received his B. Arch. from Tsinghua University in Beijing in 1996 and M. Arch. from Rice University in 1998.

He worked at Steven Holl Architects from 2000 to 2010, and became a partner of the firm in 2005. Li founded the SHA’s Beijing Office, and was responsible for the firm’s many award winning urban projects in China, among which Linked Hybrid won the best tall building award in 2009; Vanke Center in Shenzhen was the first LEED Platinum Building in China and won AIA National Honor Award in 2011.

Li left SHA at the end of 2010 to focus on the practice of OPEN Architecture with partner Huang Wenjing. OPEN is rapidly gaining attention inside China and overseas. A number of projects designed by OPEN are being built or have been built, including Gehua Youth and Cultural Center in Qinhuangdao, Beijing No.4 Middle School Fangshan Campus, Columbia University GSAPP’s Studio-X Beijing, ects. Gehua Youth Camp and Cultural Center finished in 2012, won first prize of 2012 WA Chinese Architecture Award, and the Best Architecture Award at the Third China Architecture Media Awards.

Besides practice, Li is also actively evolved in academic and cultural activities. In 2012, Li was the curator for the Space category of the first China Design Exhibition, initiated and supported by the Ministry of Culture of China. Since 2009 Li Hu became the director of Columbia University GSAPP’s Studio-X Beijing. He also taught part-time at University of Hong Kong with Wenjing Huang. In 2002 he co-founded the independent Architectural magazine 32: Beijing/New York together with Steven Holl and Yungho Chang.