Patrik Cerwall

Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence


Patrik Cerwall is the Head of Strategic Marketing and Intelligence at Ericsson. He leads the team that works with strategic marketing and business intelligence for Business Unit Network’s complete portfolio, on a global basis. He has been driving the company's Urban Life program, which focuses on the effects of urbanization and the role of ICT in the economic, social and sustainable growth of cities. Cerwall holds a Masters of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He also holds ten patents in the field of mobile communication systems.


The New Cities Foundation Task Force on Connected Commuting aims to help cities around the world better understand how real-time social networking among commuters can enhance the overall commuting experience and improve traffic management. The pilot phase of this project took place in San Jose, California, in 2012. It compared the experiences of ‘connected’ and ‘unconnected’ commuters and analyzed commuter sentiment exchanged via innovative smartphone apps. The study revealed that being connected ultimately results in an improved commute experience. Led by the New Cities Foundation and prestigious partner organizations, the project presents an opportunity to identify alternative ways in which cities, transport agencies and local governments could improve the commute experience rapidly and effectively.

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