Wim Elfrink

Executive VP, IndustrySolutions; Chief Globalisation Officer


Wim Elfrink is Cisco’s Chief Globalisation Officer and Executive Vice President for the Emerging Solutions Group. In this role, he heads three global functions: Cisco’s Emerging Solutions and Emerging Countries initiatives and the company’s globalisation strategy. Elfrink reports directly to Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers and is an officer of the company.

As Cisco’s first Chief Globalisation Officer, Elfrink leads Cisco’s efforts to become the world’s most globally relevant company, by incubating new business models and partner ecosystems, growing in strategic markets, and transforming global operations. The globalisation strategy is designed to help Cisco deliver a greater spectrum of solutions, business models, and partners for its customers worldwide. His responsibilities also include coleadership of Cisco’s market adjacency strategy with John Chambers. The adjacencies function, now operating as the Emerging Countries Council, positioned Cisco’s entry into new emerging markets and emerging solutions with a special focus on Brazil, Russia, China, India, and Mexico.

In his 14 years at Cisco, Elfrink has established a reputation as an entrepreneur, known for incubating businesses that flourish under his leadership. In 2007, he moved to India with his family to establish Cisco’s Globalisation Centre East in Bangalore. Over four years, he has made it an innovation hub that now has more than 7,000 employees, a smart campus built sustainably, and an organization focused on developing and delivering marketmaking solutions that are scaled globally.

In 2011, the Emerging Solutions Group (ESG) was formed as a direct result of the innovation success born out of the globalisation centre, with Elfrink as the leader. ESG is focused on identifying market-making opportunities and the creation of new industries, including Smart+Connected Communities, Virtual Healthcare, and Physical Safety and Security among others.

Prior to his current responsibilities, Elfrink played a key role in the build up and success of Cisco’s services business. Starting with key roles in European Services, in 2002, he was appointed head of Global Services, which grew from $3.3 billion when he assumed leadership to more than $7.6 billion in 2010.

During his time based in India, Elfrink chaired the Confederation of Indian Industry’s Steering Committee on Intelligent Urbanization, which in May 2010 recommended a Framework for Sustainable Urbanization for India. In December 2009 Daily News & Analysis, a leading Indian newspaper, named Elfrink one of Bangalore’s 50 Most Influential People, one of 12 from the corporate world and the only non-Indian to be featured.